Experimenting With Ink And Water

Experiment; to try out new ideas or methods.


Hello again.

This week I’ve been changing things up a bit. By this mean, instead of using my traditional pencil or graphite stick, I’ve tried my hand at using inks and water or ink washes.

I started with this, my rendition of the new beast design from the new Disney live action Beauty and the beast as i loved it:14724610_10210861497043470_5570400700703525170_nInitially it just started out as a simple fineliner line sketch. I then wondered if water would affect the ink and create a wash like shading, which of curse it did.

From there i went a little nuts haha:

14670728_10210862302783613_2992158083140820074_nMy rendition of Buckbeak the Hippogriff from Harry Potter. I was so happy with how the trees in the background came out. To do this I moved the pen in a circular motion creating small but heavy tight circles that easily merged together when the wash was added. I used faint lines to create the lighter tones.


14671308_10210861808851265_4756864030203038062_nAt the moment I’m slightly obsessed with pugs, so I just had to draw one haha. I used a mixture of a light and heavy lines for the shading and tones. I’m especially happy with how the eyes came out.

14695574_10210864857327475_3024689411774175447_nI’ve been reading a fair bit of the Ghost Rider Marvel comic books recently, and I was curious to see if I could recreate the flames. I think I did a pretty good job of it. Once again I used heavy lines and swirling patterns for the darker shaded areas as I needed multiple layers of ink and light lines for the rest.

I did a few others but you cant see them on my instagram account under the name of danielmawbyart.

Other than these I haven’t been drawing much due to working nights but I’m enjoying that to.

Well that’s it for now I think. I do enjoy typing down my artistic exploits for your entertainment and I hope to encourage you all to be creative with the time you have.

See you later!


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