First Blog

Well here I am, struggling to come up with words for my first ever blog. That’s right my first ever blog.

I plan on writing about my art work, why I chose such things to draw or paint or whatever really.

You maybe wondering why I joined WordPress in the first place. Well having read through Marzia Bisognins (youtuber cutiepie) latest blog and remembering the great creative writing streams of cody (excessive profanity Twitch) I’d been itching to write something since. I want to be honest as they are in my blogs and feature such things as; the artists that inspire me, why I have drawn the things that I have drawn and my overall day to day activities.

I am in no doubt that in 5 years time I may look back on this blog (hi dan!) view the work I have done here today and cringe terribly. Something which happened today (courtesy of a specific app that looks back on your social media career) with a sketch of myself as the beast, the Ron Perlman version, some 5 years back.  I compared it to a recent fanart I’d done yesterday of a much more detailed and realistic version on the same character. Having compared the two pieces my newer, more recent, influences were shining through the newer piece. Influences like the famed comic book artist Lee Bermejo and Dave Mckean.

Now, you may ask ” why did you draw the beast?”. Well, I love drawing characters that are unusual, characters that look vicious or scary but have hearts of gold and broken souls, characters that have made mistakes. I’ve also expressed a liking for the concept of man into monster, like vampires, werewolves and the Hulk.

Right, well for now that’s all you’re getting for now. I will try and blog once a week or so and hopefully it takes off from there.

See you later! and thanks for reading. #firstblog #art